Bright and Salty ~ Lighthouses

Aramis Thorn
2 min readJun 15, 2021


The lights will guide you home.

Greetings Dear Reader,

Growing up, we would spend summers at Folly Beach in South Carolina. I have many stories about this island and they will be in the next edition of Sheetrock on the Road. The Father has seen fit to intervene in my life often there.

When we were both younger the island had its own lighthouse. It stood off of the north end of Folly on tiny Morris Island. We would sometimes walk to the north end of the beach to visit it. The lighthouse’s original purpose was to mark the south end of Charleston Harbor. It was decommissioned in The 1980s.

It is an easy reach to understand our duty as Christ-followers to be lighthouses. I do not just mean it is our chore to warn others away from proverbial rocks. Lighthouses attract people because they are unique constructs of wonder and lore. Each lighthouse is unique. It can be identified by color and pattern from the sea so that mariners are able to verify their location. They stand out as singular sources of truth and safety.

I am not just meant to warn others. I am to present a welcome feeling of the safe way to our destination. It is my duty to stand out as a beacon of home and hope. When my light does not shine clearly and selflessly, I do not project hope. It is not my opinions or ponderings that matter. It is my love beaconing you to see the greater love from the Father, through the Son, and by the Spirit which calls you to a safe harbor.

As I approach my next series, Dear Reader, I am going to ask you to seriously ponder what you see. I assure you; we are all in need of lights to guide us home. If we say we do not, we are fooling ourselves. I know the light of others beacons me to see the way and follow it. I long to be a light for others. I must do so as a lighthouse though; out on the lonely edge of the world, shining away no matter the wind or weather.

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn
Mat 13:52 So Jesus said to them, “That is why every writer who has become a disciple of Christ’s rule of the universe is like a homeowner. He liberally hands out new and old things from his great treasure store.”
(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Every human story is part of the great story that leads to the Father getting everything back to Good.

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The lights will guide you home.