Tell Me What You See ~ Closing Thoughts

When a word is in italics in the Bible it means that it was added for grammatical clarity.

Greetings Dear Reader,

In light of yesterday’s summary, we need to see Jesus through the lens of love. What I wish to focus that lens on is his actions when pressed. Many times, during his last three years the leadership of the Jews tried to stone Jesus or kill him in other ways. Each time he eludes them in ways that are not fully described.

Then we come to the Garden of Gethsemane. Jewish officials, Roman soldiers, and Judas come to the Garden. Here is how John gives the account:

John 18:4–5 So Judas came to the garden, guiding a detachment of soldiers and some officials from the chief priests and the Pharisees. They were carrying torches, lanterns, and weapons. Jesus, knowing all that was going to happen to him, went out and asked them, “Who is it you want?”
“Jesus of Nazareth,” they replied.

They seek the carpenter of Nazareth. Their lives are about to be radically different. Most translations make it a point to be grammatically correct here when what might serve us better is to render the translation as it is and make the obvious evident. Jesus’ reply is a simple two-word sentence that contains all that there is in the universe. Jesus’ short reply is “I AM”.

It is what happens next that shows that he is not simply stating that he is Jesus. He is not merely admitting to being the man they seek. They are looking for the carpenter from Nazareth and what they have found is the Messiah God. When he says these two words, they get a glimpse. They see for a moment who stands before them and their reaction is what tells the tale.

In that instant, after he says who he is they all fall back and fall to the ground. What they see is the revealed Son of God. For a moment they see that he is not just a man. They see that arresting him is something he allows and not what they are doing. The world is his and all authority has been given to him. Knowing all things that are about to happen, He has wrestled with the cost of this next phase of his journey and accepted it. He makes sure that they know who they are arresting.

As I close on this series of thoughts, I see Jesus more clearly. He will make it clear that he could summon legions of angels to stop the madness that follows. No matter what is unfolding, everyone in the garden that night knows one simple truth. That madness is allowed by the Living God; the Messiah. All the pain and harm they visit on him is allowed by him. He chooses to be all of the other things he has said about himself by suffering to redeem us.

What I must see is the truth. Jesus, the human aspect of God, yet still fully God loves me. He is all the things he claims to be. His intent is that I follow him with the love that the Father has for us all. After all is finished, it is the love that will remain. It becomes my obligation to live in a way that reflects that love. It is vital, Dear Reader, that I live in such a way that it tells you what I see. After looking at Jesus like this, it demands that I ask you to tell me what you see.

Wishing you joy in the journey,

Aramis Thorn
Mat 13:52 So Jesus said to them, “That is why every writer who has become a disciple of Christ’s rule of the universe is like a homeowner. He liberally hands out new and old things from his great treasure store.”
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Every human story is part of the great story that leads to the Father getting everything back to Good.

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When a word is in italics in the Bible it means that it was added for grammatical clarity.



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